Munich, Germany

Programme Committee Programme Committee


Adam Belloum, UVA/gSLM
Alberto Aimar, CERN/EMI
Alberto Di Meglio, CERN/EMI
Alexandre Bonvin, WeNMR
Alfons Hoekstra, MAPPER
Andrea Ceccanti, INFN/EMI
Andreas Aschenbrenner, DARIAH/A&HGC
Antonella Fresa, DC-NET VRC
Antonio Lagana, Comp. Chem. VRC
Antonio Parodi, HMRC
Balázs Kónya, LUND/EMI
Bernard Marechal, GISELA
Catherine Gater,
Cecile Germain, CNRS
Claudio Vuerli, AAGC
Daniele Cesini, INFN
Emidio Giorgio, INFN/EMI
Federico Ruggieri, CHAIN
Florida Estrella, CERN/EMI
Francisco Castejón, Fusion VRC
Gergely Sipos,
Helmut Heller, IGE
Horst Schwichtenberg, ESGC
Jamie Shiers, CERN
Jiri Chudoba, Auger VRC
Johan Montagnat, LSGC
John White, UH/EMI
Laura Leone, DECIDE
Laurence Field, CERN/EMI
Martin Wynne, CLARIN/A&HGC
Michel Drescher,
Morris Riedel, JUELICH/EMI
Patrick Fuhrmann, DESY/EMI
Rob van der Meer,
Rossen Apostolov , ScalaLife
Sergio Andreozzi,
Steve Brewer,
Steven Newhouse,
Tiziana Ferrari,

Agenda and Other Information Agenda and Other Information

Important Dates

24 October 2011 Online abstract submission for presentations, demonstrations, posters and workshops opens (see also call for participation)
15 November 2011 Early-bird registration opens.
7 December 2011 Online abstract submission closes.
16 January 2012 Presentations, demonstrations, posters and workshops acceptance issued.
13 February 2012 CF12 Programme published.
15 February 2012 Early-bird registration ends.
23 March 2012

Normal registration ends; booth registration ends.


EMI Agenda

The full agenda of the joint conference can be found here.

Below you can find the EMI-specific events.

Presentations and Papers

  Tuesday 27/3 Wednesday 28/3 Thursday 29/3
09:00 Plenary session : EMI and Open Source software, Alberto di Meglio     

Session: Information Systems: ARC/GLUE2, EMI Registry (EMIR) and Authentication Library

11:00 The ARC Information System: overview of a GLUE2 compliant production system

11:30 EMIR : an EMI Service Registry for Federated Grid Infrastructure

12:00 EMI Common Authentication Library

Session: Services for Data Management and Messaging

11:40 Messaging Service and Client Software

Session : EMI Job processing component
11:00 Software for Distributed Systems – The EMI Product Portfolio
11:30 CREAM Computing Element: status and new developments
12:00 Grid Engine batch system integration in the EMI era
Session : EMI Software quality assurance
11:00 EMI Release Management Highlights - EMI 1 Updates & EMI 2 Status
11:20 Common framework for extracting information and metrics from multiple change trackers
11:40 Performance testing of distributed computational resources in the software development phase
12:00 Quality Control in EMI
Session : Data Technologies
14:00 EMI Data, preparing for the finish line
14:30 Extended Grid Data Management for UNICORE - Accessing files in SRM and LFC
15:00 Federated Access to Data Storage
Session: Sustaining the EGI ecosystem: workshop
15:00 ScienceSoft – Open Software for Open Science
Session : EMI Job processing component 
14:00 EMI Execution Service implementation in ARC
14:45 Using L&B to Monitor Torque Jobs across a National Grid
Session : EGI : Standards
14:00 Standardisation Strategies of the European Middleware Initiative

14:30 Lessons learned from UNICORE EMI-ES Adoption towards Improved Open Standards


Session: EMI Site Administrator and Train the Trainers Workshop
14:00 EMI Site Administrator and Train the Trainers Workshop
Session: HTC/HPC
14:45 GC3Pie: A Python framework for high-throughput computing

Session : Data Technologies
16:00 Advanced Data Staging in the ARC Computing Element
16:30 dCache, agile adoption of storage technology
Session : EMI Quality Assurance of Software
16:00 Advancements in EMI Testing Infrastructure implementation
16:30 T-StoRM: a StoRM testing framework
17:00 Improvements to the EMI Build and Test Tools
Session Application Development with EMI
16:00 Application Development with EMI : Argus
16:45 SwiNG training on developing High Throughput solutions with ARC


Session : EMI Cross-Activity Accounting Workshop

16:00 EMI Cross-Activity Accounting Workshop



The poster area will feature two EMI-related posters : 

  • Computational workflows with GC3Pie (HTC/HPC)