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EMI tutorials at 2nd Technical Conference EMI tutorials at 2nd Technical Conference

Beside technical presentations, EMI staff will deliver two training sessions, one dedicated to trainers and system administrators, and the other one for application developers.

EMI Site Administrator and Train the Trainers Workshop

This session will be held Thursday 29th at 14:00, where some of the most important novelties introduced by the upcoming EMI 2 Matterhorn  will be shown. The session will begin with WNoDeS, a product being released for the first time within an EMI release. It will provide an overview of the product and a demonstration of its basic functionalities. The session will continue with the presentation of the DPM's new NFS and HTTP interfaces, followed by the demonstration of new data staging features in ARC CE, and a taste of EMI-ES, featuring submission, with the very same set of commands, to UNICORE and CREAM CE. In conclusion, the L&B product team leader will introduce the audience to the most interesting innovations in the next LB release, notably the new mechanism to control L&B's broadcasting of information over the messaging infrastructure.


Application Development with EMI

This session will be done Thursday 29th at 16:00, so following the train the trainers workshop, and will be structured in two parts : in the first of them, the ARGUS team will introduce some techniques for the interaction, via API,  with the ARGUS authorization service. In the second part, the NGI-CH will give a training on how High Throughput solutions can be developed using ARC